With the biggest holiday just days away, some, ok most of us are probably still scrambling to get our Christmas shopping done in time. Between fighting your way through the desperate crowds, planning Christmas day lunch and wrapping gifts, finding time to give your outfit for the day any thought is a task in itself.
Don't worry, if you're like most of us and are pressed for time this Christmas, we've put together an outfit that ticks all the Christmas boxes.


It's not Christmas without carols, baubles and tartan of course! If you're struggling to make your Christmas day outfit more 'Chrismassy' just add a tartan piece whether it be a scarf, skirt or a top. Living in Australia, the festive season is much warmer, so a soft cotton top like this is definitely alot more B.O. (body odour!) friendly than a big cozy sweater.
TOP: Country Road / *NECKLACE: Oasap / SKIRT: Jeanswest / SHOES: Airflex 

Nothing says Christmas more than some glitzy bling. The 25th of December is probably one of the days you can pull out all the stops, so why not go big and loud?! This has fast become our party necklace pick of the year. There's enough bling to deck out Santa's sleigh, but the pearls do add a delicate touch to the piece and rest of the outfit.

Have you got your Christmas day outfit picked out?
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BEAUTY REPORT CARD: Shiseido's Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler

Beautywise, curling our lashes and coating them with generous amounts of mascara is one step we never skip when heading out for the day. Unlike others who seem to be blessed with lashes that defy gravity, ours are stubby and as flat as a pancake. Accepting that, we've got to work with what we're given, and let's just say we have come to appreciate a good eyelash curler. We've tried our fair share of curling contraptions, but we think we may have found the one in Shiseido's Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler. Keep reading to see how it faired in our Beauty Report Card.
Curl// A+
It definitely does the job! We find that tilting the handle up while pinching down gives us the best results. Unlike the other eyelash curlers we've tried previosuly, you don't need to pump the handle as many times to achieve fluttering lashes that will have any guy weak at the knees.
Design// B+
Our biggest peeve with this particular curler is that it doesn't fit our eyes, so we can't curl all our eyelashes at once. Instead, we have to move the curler around the length of our lashline, curling our innner and outer lashes separately.

What eyelash curler is currently in your makeup bag?
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Stick on nail decals are something we've been seeing a lot of. But as nail art enthusiasts we've always liked doing our own nail art, so we've never tried any of these out before. But let's just say we've been converted. These floral, preglued nail strips are from the brand Kiss. We're so pleased with how easy and quick they were to apply. You can use these to either cover your entire nail for a full manicure or for a French manicure look. We will be definitely trying out more nail stickers! They're fun and convenient, and the best thing?!! No drying time!!


Packaging and design: A
The instructions for applying the decals to cover your entire nail or for a French manicure look are straight forward and easy to follow.

Formulation: A+
We're pretty sure these stickers aren't made to last on the nails for very long. But we are impressed at how well they've held up. They've held up for about a week so far and we wouldn't be surprised if they last a little longer!! 

Range: A
From florals to bejewelled designs, there is something for everyone. We were very impressed by their range and can't wait to try a few more of them out.

Price: A+
For $5 you really can't go wrong!! We've seen plenty of other nail decals for much more, so this is the perfect place to start for those skeptics who are just starting to play around with stickers.
Overall: A +
Kiss gets a big floral thumbs up from us! We wouldn't hesitate to repurchase these stickers or to try out other designs from their range.

We're keen to try out more of these nail stickers so let us know which brands you've tried out and what you recommend.
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CURIOUS RUBY: to inspire...

“But the truth is, it's not the idea, it's never the idea, it's always what you do with it."
- Neil Gaiman
When it comes to blogging, there are a few things that inspire us when we're struggling for ideas. We're visual people, so whether it be flipping through our favourite magazines, trawling Pinterest or scrolling through other blogs, visual media is the key when we're searching for that light bulb moment.
Seeing the world through someone else's eyes can transform something that was once mundane into a brilliant idea. A pair of eyes we've been inspired to look through is Ruby's, traveller and emerging artist hailing from the sunny city of Brisbane, she is the mastermind behind Curious Ruby.  Her designs are dominated by geometric lines and shapes, and bold colours which are sure to get those creative juices flowing.
We were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to pick a print from CuriousRuby.com to bring, as Ruby so wonderfully put it, "a little inspiration from my space to yours". 

Ruby also drew an ACED original just for us!
We originally picked out one of Ruby's prints, but she also kindly sent us Bloom, an ink and watercolour print. These photos don't do this amazing piece justice. Looking at it now, the bright and vivid colours are a lot more striking.

 Kaleidoscope sits pride of place right in our creative space. The ink colour print gives a tribal vibe that has our minds racing with ideas.

If you're lacking some inspiration then make sure you check out Curiousruby.com, and for daily updates, head over to Ruby's Instagram account, @curious_ruby for real time inspiration.
What inspires you?
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DISCLAIMER: Products marked with a * were kindly sent to us for consideration, but as always, our reviews and opinions are honest ones.  



The number one rule in The Fashion Game is, there are no rules. You're all probably pumping your fists at your screens right now, and thinking "M + K, there are rules and they exist for a reason!". Cue flashbacks of Bjork's iconic swan dress and Cher's 1986 Oscar's ensemble. But what's one thing these two starlets have in common besides there questionable outfit choices? CONFIDENCE! Yes, they may not have been on point in the style stakes, but they were both oozing confidence. So, maybe there is a rule in the Fashion Game after all- Confidence is the best accessory.
This week, we decided to be brave with our Oasap purchases and show you guys that experimenting with your wardrobe isn't that scary. As Bjork and Cher proved, confidence is the key to pulling off anything and everything. Mixing prints can be a minefield, but it's all about having fun and stepping outside of your comfort zone. 
 *BLOUSE: Oasap / *SKIRT: Oasap / SANDALS: Miss Shop / *NECKLACE: Oasap
When mixing prints, stick to a colour palette by matching the colours from your different prints. With our outfit, we paired a brighter blue striped top with a dusty blue skirt. Sticking to the same family of colours will guarantee that you will be turning heads for the right reason.
We were quite chuffed with the quality of the 3 pieces we picked up from Oasap, but we were less than satisfied with the shipping time. Once upon a time, Oasap was on the A game with their shipping, arriving on our door steps 7 or less days after the order was placed. This time, it took twice as long!
The only one complaint we have about the pieces themselves is the red stitching on the pocket of the blouse. We would have preferred if it was either white or blue, but otherwise we were very impressed with all the pieces.

Look at that blingage!
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DISCLAIMER: Products marked with a * were kindly sent to us for consideration, but as always, our reviews and opinions are honest ones.