May 27, 2015


Lip Gloss. It's the beauty product we've all grown up with. As 90s kids, we have fond memories of our first makeup encounters with the Lip Smacker glosses. Fast forward, and more than a decade on, the gloss still occupies the makeup bags of avid beauties the world over. But now the brief is minimal and fresh. Ditch the over glittered glosses for more neutral hues with hints of peach or caramel.

May 22, 2015


Florals are an obvious choice during the warmer months, but there is no reason for you inner flower child to go into hibernation once the mercury drops. At a time when we naturally reach for cosy knits and fluffy socks, florals are the perfect remedy for the dreary weather. Take it as a license to wear your beloved summer pieces by layering them over opaque tights or under sleek coats, leather jackets or anoraks to remain true to the season.

May 18, 2015


Comfy, casual and chic are probably the best words to describe our style inclination. So with Sports Luxe now a bonafide trend, we couldn't be more pleased. Mixing functionaility and sophistication, looking fashionable has never been more comfortable. With the backing of designers like Alexander Wang, the boundary between sports and high-end fashion is blurrier than ever. Lightweight materials and contrasting textures are taking the catwalks (and our wardrobes) by storm. Think neoprene and lycra in Bomber jackets, leggings, upscale sweatshirts and stylish sneakers. Sportswear has undergone the ultimate upgrade from black list to 'it' list.