Style Snag: Stone Style 101 (Part I)

She's got the leading man, the impressive resume, and when it comes to street style, she's got that well and truly sorted! Our latest muse is none other than Emma Stone, the ginger beauty we'd all love to call our BFF. As if dazzling Spiderman himself wasn't enough, Emma's fashion choices are annoyingly impossible to fault. No, you'll never see her on the worst dressed list. Instead, her effortless style has made her the envy of millions, us included!
Emma's outfits are always centered around basics and staples. So just because you don't have her hefty bank account doesn't mean you can't dress like her on a modest budget!  In fact, if you style stalk her like we do, you'll quickly realise that she rewears many of her pieces- snaps for Emma! So the top tip to take away from Stone Style 101?...Invest in basics and versatile pieces and don't be afraid to recycle!

 Image: Pinterest
TOP: Jay Jays / CARDIGAN: Just Jeans / JEANS: Just Jeans / SHOES: Rubi Shoes /
SUNGLASSES: Dotti / MIDI RINGS: Valleygirl / FLOWER RING: Lovisa
Emma's a less-is-more dresser. She often keeps her outfits quite simple, opting for minimal jewellery and basic pieces. But after studying her style for months, it is her penchant for oxfords or brogues which we've fallen head over heels for! They're such cute and comfy things, it's a no brainer why she's constantly snapped in them.


Emma's not wearing any rings in this outfit, but if you want to add a little bling then try to match it to other metals in your outfit. So here we've opted for some gold rings which match the buttons on the cardigan perfectly.


 Image: Just Jared
This has to be one of our all time favourite looks! The LBD is so simple, but Emma stays true to her preppy style with the peeping collar. Unfortunately we don't have a dress like this in our wardrobe, but there's nothing a little creativity can't fix! We layered a top underneath a black skater dress to recreate this chic and oh so adorable look!
  DRESS: Target / COLLAR TOP: Paper Scissors / BRACELETS: Lovisa /
SHOES: Airflex from Betts

Again, Emma keeps her jewellery to a bare mineral. We know for some it's probably very difficult, but take a leaf out of Stone style 101 and restrain yourself from throwing on a big statement necklace or earrings.

Our love affair with Emma Stone's style is going strong, so much so that we've split this style snag into 2 and will be recreating 2 more of her looks in our next post! Stay tuned :)
In the meantime, which celebs have been the victim of your Style-stalking? 
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OOTD: Mr. Stripes

Hi, we're M + K and we're Stripe-aholics. There, we've said it. We have no self control whatsoever when it comes to stripes! We have quite a collection, but we don't think it will stop growing anytime soon. We've put a ban on purchasing any stripes, but when they are such an effortless and easy to style print, it's pretty darn hard not to give in. Especially in cooler months when stores seem to be stripes galore, you're bound to catch us in a stripey sweater or sleeved top every odd day.
Here is a snap from the other day starring yours truly, Mr Stripes! When we're going for a casual and comfy look, we prefer to keep accessories to a minimal, and stripes let you get away with this! They require close to no styling and are perfect for those "oh-no-I-should-have-been-out-the-door-30minutes-ago" mornings.

SUNGLASSES: Dotti / ANORAK: Cotton On / TOP: Jeanswest / SCARF: Cotton On / TIGHTS: Cotton On / BOOTS: Miss Shop 
What do you have way too many of in your wardrobe?
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Black Is the New Black

As the saying goes, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and that certainly is true when it comes to the fashion world's love affair with the colour black. Regardless of the season, it has become a permanent fixture in many wardrobes and more recently it has made its fair share of appearances on the runways of New York Fashion Week. We've always been team bright prints and colour, but lately we've found ourselves gravitating towards head to toe black ensembles. So we thought it was only fitting to show you guys how to style an outfit that is predominately black without looking morbid. Here goes...

Our favourite pieces from this outfit have to be the skirt and shoes, both of which are from Paris Coming. Asymmetrical skirts are all the craze at the moment, but we liked that this one is a bit different from the ones we've seen. The gold zipper detailing and leather trim adds a grungy rocker chick meets LA It Girl vibe which we love. Now the shoes are something else! We've been dying for a pair of peep toe booties and these are perfect. The heel is slightly chunkier which makes walking a lot less of a chore while the suede material is a great way to mix and play around with different textures.
Now the number one key to pulling off a black on black outfit are the accessories. Gold or silver jewellery is a great way to break up the colour while still staying true to your black palette.
Are you partial to a head to toe outfit?!
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50 Shades of Blue

The mention of blue on blue will probably have most cringing with visions of Britney and Justin's notorious double denim ensembles. But push all those horrid images aside, because although it can be a hard one to pull off, head to toe blue is no longer the minefield it once was. It has been a look we've been embracing, and loving!

The key to avoid looking like you've just rolled around in puddles of blue paint is to play around with different shades, textures and prints.

A great way to break up the blue is to throw in contrasting shades. Rather than wearing matching coloured bottoms, opt for a darker wash to avoid looking like Papa Smurf. Accessories or subtle details like the gold ankle zip on these skinnies are also a great way to offset and complement the blue, without overpowering the star of the outfit!

Fun shoes like these graphic loafers are a great way to add a little pop of personality to your outfit. Cobalt, indigo and sky- These shoes have just about every shade of blue you could ever dream of!! And can we please take a moment to mention that we managed to snag these for a ridiculous $5!!

What do you think? Will you be rocking blue head to toe any time soon?

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A+ Outfit Idea

The beginning of the school term is probably not the most popular time of the year! We know we certainly dreaded it. Most of you are probably still stuck in holiday mode and haven't given school a second thought. But never fear, we've got you covered!
We had uniforms at our school, but we know if we had the luxury of a casual dress code, putting together outfits would be the biggest headache. Our advice to you, KISS. We've said it so many times in countless posts, but Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Sticking to staples and basics will make throwing together an outfit so much easier for those serial snooze button pressers.
But I want to stand out you say? Well, you can! Go for basic pieces like sweaters or a pair of jeans that have their own little unique twist. For example, we love the lace cuffing on these classic light wash jeans and the distressed material down the legs. And can we talk about that sweater?
Another simple way to jazz up your existing wardrobe is with fun accessories. Don't be afraid to play with different shapes and colours.

mplusk polyvore
If you want to see where all the pieces in the set are from, visit our Polyvore page or click on the picture which will take you directly to the page!
What is your go to outfit for school ?
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